We are excited to invite you to the Surgical Disruptive Technology Summit and Digital Technologies from February 22 to February 24, 2024. This summit aims to provide a platform for industry experts and providers to discuss surgical innovation and digital technologies in a collaborative way.  

As a participant, your presence and contribution to the event will be greatly appreciated. We encourage everyone to engage in the discussion, voice their opinions, and share their reasoned viewpoints regarding the future of surgery.  

We have structured the agenda to promote open dialogue and participation from all attendees. Industry participation is welcome and we hope to create an environment that fosters cross-talk between surgical stakeholders from different specialties.  

Additionally, the summit will feature industry booths where attendees can interact with industry experts and explore new surgical technologies. We will focus on advancing technologies for gastrointestinal and endoscopic surgery, with an emphasis on minimally invasive and less invasive interventions.  

We look forward to your active participation in shaping the future of surgical innovation.  So, once again, welcome, speak up, and have a good time. 


Erik Wilson, MD and Christopher Schlachta, MD